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A Change to the Donation Application

Good Morning,

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Anyway, I’ve made a change to the little donation application on the right side of this page. Instead of trying to collect money for my college education (which seems to be an unreasonable amount), I’d like to raise money for a new Apple Laptop. The reason I chose the Mac is because it is required in my future field of study, Medical Physics.
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Website Problems 3 (Problem Solved)

That was a very hectic 20 minutes. I found and fixed the problem so the old layout (the one you’re looking at) is now working.

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Website Problems 2 (Problem Found)

I found the problem. There seems to be something wrong with the theme I was using. I’ve temporarily switched back to WordPresses’ default theme until I find another one that I like.
At least all the pages are working again!

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Website Problems

There seems to be some type of strange problem with my site at the moment – none of the links lead to the correct pages.
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Email This! on the front page of ZDNet (Belgium and Netherlands)

I woke up this morning and looked through my site-traffic logs and saw that I was getting a massive amount of visitors from the Netherlands and Belgium. I follow the track-back back to ZDnet (WOOHOO!).
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