Summer Game Plan

Here’s what’s going on with this site and my projects in the next few weeks or so.

A) Email This! Version 2.0.1 will be released in the next few days with some minor updates to the script

B) A Google Group for Email This! has been setup and an FAQ will be put up there. I seem to be getting a lot of emails from people asking similar questions – I’ve decided it’s about time I make an FAQ page and put an end to the repetitive emails, not like I don’t enjoy hearing from you…but answering the same questions 1000 times can become a bit frustrating. The Google Group already exists, but it is currently devoid of any information.

C) I have another small Firefox extension in the works – Top Secret until further notice

D) A Donation Box has been placed to the right side of this page. I’m trying to raise some money to pay off my college loans. Atleast 102,000 people have downloaded this extension, so if everyone were to donate $1.00, I would have enough money to pay of college and start saving for a car, or house, or something. I don’t expect more than 1% of people to donate, but if you really do enjoy my projects (mainly Email This!), please feel free to donate to my college fund.

Ok, I’ll probably have one more post later today.

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