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Email This! Update (Later Today)


I’ve received a lot of emails (20 a day) saying that email this is not compatible with Forefox v3.0b3 – I know this. I mentioned in my last post it’s only compatible with v3.0b4PRE.

There is a big difference between v3.0b4PRE and v3.0b4

In lie of these emails, I will make email this compatible with the latest version, which is 3.0b4 by the end of today.

Thanks for the support!

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Email This! Version 2.1.4 Released


I got an email from firefox asking me to update my extension to the the newest beta release – 3.0bpre4. I’ve done just that (and I get a free t-shirt in return).

Version 2.1.4 (March 4, 2008)
1. Changed Firefox MaxVersion to 3.0bpre4.

The extension is now live on the Mozilla servers as well as the Lazyrussian Servers.

Download from Lazyrussian (Official Release – All Browsers) – Version 2.1.4
Download from Mozilla (Firefox) – Version 2.1.4
Download from Mozilla (Seamonkey) – Version 2.1.4

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