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Why I’ve Been Lazy…


Sorry for going so long without updating. Life has been hectic (trying to finish senior year of college). A LOT is going on heh (mostly good things).

  1. I have a macbook now
  2. I got into grad school (for physics – PhD)
  3. I’m in the middle of learning two different languages for school (Java and LaTeX, well LaTeX isn’t really a language, but whatever).

School has been keeping me on my toes so I haven’t been able to update this extension. Well that’s a lie, I updated it to be compatible with the new firefox (3.0.*), but for some reason it’s not installing – strange errors…. I have a feeling I might not be creating the xpi properly on the mac, so I’m going to try to do it with in linux and windows – we’ll see what happens.

Sorry for the long wait.