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New Customization/Functionality in the Future

Now that Yahoo is fixed (FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!), it’s time to concentrate on the future of this extension. Since I have quite a bit of free time at my job this summer, I feel as if I should expand my knowledge in Javascript and XUL. I’ve been doing some fun/random side programming for the last few days anyway, and I expect to test out my newly acquired knowledge by first condensing the current Email This! source code and bringing it into the present. The current source code has been constantly-edited back from the Firefox 1.5 days, and Mozilla’s Gecko engine has undergone massive changes since then. The next update of Email This! should contain a massive revamping of the source code, and the updates that follow will hopefully add new options/features/customizations to this program.

Only time will tell….and hopefully nothing else breaks in the near future!



Version 2.2.3 Now Live on Mozilla’s Servers!

Well that was insanely quick! Mel Reyes, the awesome man that he is, has pushed through my extension again, and version 2.2.3 is now available for download.

Click here for more info about the new update, fix new directions for yahoo, and download urls.

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Email This! 2.2.3 Submitted & Pending Review @ Mozilla

Hey guys,

The (real) fix for Yahoo has been submitted to Mozilla and Songbird. As always, it is already avauilable on songbirds servers, but is still pending review at Mozilla’s.

Here’s the changelog:

Version 2.2.3 (June 23, 2008)
1. Yahoo This! has been fixed again (for real this time)
2. Now compatible through Flock 2.0b1
3. Shawn Branch added to Special Thanks/Contributors section

Download from Mozilla – Version 2.2.2 (Version 2.2.3 is pending review by Mozilla)
Download from Songbird – Version 2.2.3

Here are the new and updated directions for using Yahoo This!

1] Go To: Tools >> Add-Ons >> Email This! Preferences.
2] Login to Yahoo Mail Classic and look at the Url/Addres Bar
3] You should see something similar to: or
4] Not everyone will have us.mc590 before
5] Not everyone will have /mc/ or /ym/ after
6] Write in everything you see in the address bar through the mc/ or ym/ (without http://)
7] For instance, I would write in (and nothing else following it)
8] Make sure there is an / at the end your input in the text box.
9] The extension will work the same as it does for Gmail and Google Apps Gmail after these configurations will be put in place.

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Email This! Version 2.2.3 On The Horizon (Another Yahoo Fix)

So I woke up this morning with 30+ emails telling me that the fix for Yahoo didn’t work for them, though i did get 10 or so emails telling me that the fix did work. Now, thanks to a concerned user, Shawn Branch, he and I have deduced the correct method to execute Yahoo This!

This method will be released in Version 2.2.3, which will be uploaded to Mozilla’s and Songbird’s servers momentarily. I will then rewrite the instruction again (for 2.2.3) and post it here on this site.

Thanks for being patient!

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Ideas for Email This! 2.2.3 and Beyond

So, now that everything is fixed and back to normal (hopefully), I was hoping to bounce some of my ideas of my readers/email this! users for the next release(s) of Email This!

1) Open Gmail, Yahoo, Google Apps Gmail in a Sidebar instead of a New tab
2) Options to include only specific Email This! items int the right-click/context menu
3) Options to set your own hotkeys

If you like these ideas or have some of your own, please feel free to email me or leave a comment on this post.

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