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Yahoo This! Problem Found and Partially Solved

I received a lot of emails telling me that version 2.1.4 was the last version of this extension that worked with Yahoo. So I rerolled the old code into the new code and partial Yahoo functionality returned. By partial, I mean that the subject line is filled in the new email, but the body of the email isn’t. I know why this is happening, and it’s a problem on Yahoo’s end. Actually, it’s pure stupidity on Yahoo’s part and is somewhat out of my hands. On the plus side, I have concocted it a fix for it and I’ll be implementing it today – might take an hour or two to get the programming straight.

So here’s the deal:
I will fix Yahoo This! one last time. If Yahoo changes their server protocols AGAIN, I will not fix the extension (unless it’s a painless 5-minute fix).

Here’s why: I don’t use Yahoo. I use Gmail. This extension was initially created to ease my life, and the life of my friends. All of them use Gmail. I can promise that this extension will always exist for the mail-client of my choosing QED, or until someone has created something better.

I don’t get paid to do this and frankly I’m fed up with fixing these little nuances that always come up, and if you check the changelogs (on the project page), you’ll see that none of them have affected Gmail since January 2007. – always hotmail, yahoo, or something else.

Sorry if this may lead to inconveniences for anyone in the future, but I hope you understand why I’ve stopped caring.

Anyway, expect an update shortly (today or tomorrow), and a new video-tutorial by the end of the week.


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