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Spanning Sync Discount Code ($5.00 Off) – Code: 6UVC88

Spanning sync is one amazing program! For those of you who need a discount code, here you go:


For those of you who don’t know what Spanning Sync is, here’s some info:

Synchronize iCal and Address Book with Google Calendar and Gmail Contacts. Share calendars and contacts among multiple Macs. And while you’re at it, connect Google Apps to your iPhone or iPod.

Sync Calendars and Contacts
What if you could combine the speed and elegance of iCal and Address Book on your Mac with the power and simplicity of Google Calendar and Contacts? Now you can.

Spanning Sync keeps your iCal calendars in sync with Google Calendar and Address Book in sync with your Gmail Contacts, so you get the best of both worlds.

Full Support for Google Apps
Spanning Sync offers full support for Google Apps. So whether your organization is a one-person company or a 40,000-person university, your enterprise calendars and contacts are seamlessly and securely connected to your Macs.

Stay Organized Across Multiple Macs
If you’re lucky enough to have more than one Mac, keeping your data organized can be a challenge. But Spanning Sync makes it simple to organize your calendars and contacts: just sync all of your Macs to the same Google Calendar account.

So whether you’re using your Mac Pro at work, your iMac at home, or your MacBook on the go, your calendars and contacts are always up to date. And since Spanning Sync is licensed per-person not per-computer, you can install it on as many Macs as you like without paying more.

iCal Sharing Has Never Been Easier
Need to set up a shared iCal calendar for your group? Spanning Sync makes it easy. Just create and share a Google Calendar, then sync it with iCal on your Mac. Changes made in Google Calendar show up in iCal—and changes made in iCal show up in Google Calendar.

The Best Way to Connect Google Apps to iPhone
Syncing your Google calendars and contacts with your iPhone is a breeze. Just use Spanning Sync to sync Google with your Mac and iTunes to sync your Mac with your iPhone. Since Spanning Sync takes full advantage of Mac OS X Sync Services, it all just works.

International Support
More than 100,000 people in 58 countries1 have used Spanning Sync. And since we intend Spanning Sync to be a useful service for not only English speakers but every Mac user in the world, we’ve localized the service into German, French, and Japanese, and plan to eventually support all 16 languages in which Google Calendar is available.

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Note to Google: Port Picasa 3, Google Talk & Chrome

I’m frustrated. I hate iPhoto and Aperture. I also don’t like iChat, nor do I need the extensibility of AdiumX since I have relinquished my AIM account for Google Talk.

Here’s what I would like to see come to Mac OS X by year’s end:

  • Picasa 3+ for Mac OS X
  • Google Talk with Voice (with Video)
  • Google Chrome (with Extension Capabilities; e.g. Better GMail 2 extension for Chrome)

Also, for those who don’t know, Google released Gmail Voice and Video.

C’est la vie.

FacePAD v0.5.1 Now Live

November 8, 2008 3 comments

The FacePAD fix is now in effect 🙂

Here’s the Update Information:

1. Now compatible with Firefox 3.1
2. Extension now works with photos hosted on and now.
3. Not all albums will download – Source of error is currently unknown.

Go here to download it:

Note: For those of you with Mozilla accounts, please download the extension from Mozilla and nominate my extension to be published (out of the Sandbox).


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FacePAD Version 0.5.1

Newest version of FacePAD has been submitted to Mozilla. It fixes some of the errors that have been popping up, but not all of them. I’ll post the .xpi on once Mozilla approves it as well.

I’ll update again when I hear back from Mozilla.

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FacePAD Fix!

Hey everyone!

I’ve finally updated Email This! and FacePAD to work with Fx 3.1! I’ve also gotten a few emails about FacePAD breaking. I found out where the error was (it happened because facebook has migrated their pics from to another address, something .net, I forgot, but it’s modified in the code to accept both addresses).

All of these updates will be uploaded tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks for being patient!

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