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iTunes + Twitter

Around 1am last night, I had the idea to merge iTunes with Twitter. Turns out, it’s been done before (see: Mac Tips & Tricks).

I tried both programs listed in that blog post, but they were not exactly what I wanted. So, I decided to make my own!

As of now, the program works but is still lacking some of the features I want.

Things the program does as of now:
1. Updates Twitter at a preset time interval with the current song playing. (Doesn’t update if it’s the same song.)
2. Stores username/password within script instead of keychain to bypass annoying apple verification system.

Things program will do:
1. Growl Notifications
2. Updates when play button is hit
3. Will hopefully be a .app

I’ve got parts 1 and 2 in the Things program will do section almost coded – I’ve been lazy all day :p Hopefully by Christmas this thing will be up an running.

I will slowly be integrating lazyrussian.com with twitter, so you’ll see some twitter stuff popping up here soon enough.

I’ll also probably start using Twitter as a good way for users interested in asking a question/requesting a feature for any of my programs to contact me.

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