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The (MacHeist) Giving Tree!

Anyone who went to the Giving Tree today, and took a look at the presents under the tree, saw that MacHeist finally unveiled the apps they were giving out this year. The following mac apps were included:

1Password – Stores all of your identities/passwords in one app.
Headline – Small/Sleek RSS reader (but nothing beats Google Reader).
SantaSnaps 2 – PhotoBooth style picutre-app for the holidays!
Synergy – Extend iTunes functionality
iConquer (Game) – Risk (the Game), for Mac. Play online, with friends, or against the computer.
Engimo 2 (Game) – Ported to the Mac from the iPhone (looks like a puzzler).
Lugaru (Game) – Play as a ninja rabbit in a 3D adventure game!

Personally, I’m stoked about Lugaru and 1password!

All of these apps come with free licenses and are free to use forever! (updates are not included). If you have a mac, go to the Giving Tree now! The apps are hidden in the presents below the tree.

Happy Holidays!

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