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New Firefox Extension: Email Yourself! v0.1

In the last two years, the two most requested features for Email This! were:
1) The ability to pre-fill the “to” line of the email box with the users own email address
2) To suffix the subject line with a personal message to allow gmail to filter/label the emails you send to yourself.

For various reasons, I decided to make a new extension with these two features. The name of the extension is “Email Yourself” since it does exactly that, and since it’s based off of the same coding as Email This!

The extension is available for download from Mozilla’s Add-ons site, but is in the sandbox at the moment. I will nominate it for the Public tomorrow or Friday (once I have a few more people test it). You will need a FREE mozilla account to download the extension. Please feel free to contact me with your comments on this extension, or any others.

Here’s the extension information and download link, which can also be found at the Email Yourself! project page.

General Information
Email Yourself! allows you to email yourself the link, title, & highlighted text of the page you are viewing using GMail using a toolbar buttons and/or Hotkeys!


1. Email Yourself! is compatible with Firefox, Flock, and Songbird
2. Email Yourself! is based on the same coding as Email This! (Another extension of mine)

Before using the extension, edit the two preferences:
Preference 1: Enter your gmail address
Preference 2: Enter a personal identification message (suffixes your subject). By default it’s set to “-Sent via Email Yourself!” This feature was implemented so you could setup a gmail filter/label to filter out emails that you send to yourself.

The toolbar buttons can be found by going to “View > Toolbars > Custom” and dragging the “Email Yourself” button to the main firefox toolbar (the one with the stop/refresh buttons, etc…)

Email Yourself can be executed by hitting the toolbar button or hitting the following hotkeys.
For Windows/*nix Users: alt+windows+tilda
For Mac Users: options+command+tilda

Once executed, the following will happen:

The Gmail Compose-Message page will open in a new tab.
Your email address will appear in the “to” line of your email
The title of the article/webpage you are viewing will go in the” subject” line of your email, which will be suffixed with your personal identification message.
The address/url will go in the body area of the email.
The highlighted-text will appear below the address/url

Download from Mozilla – Version 0.1
This version is still in Mozilla’s Sandbox. A Free Mozilla account is needed to download this extension.

Latest Version Release Notes
Version 0.1 (January 8, 2009)
1. Email Yourself! Debut

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