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Proposed New Features for Email This!

February 26, 2009 4 comments

I’ve gotten a few emails in the last few weeks asking for two features I’ve never really thought of implementing (in Email This), but come to think of it, they’re not hard to add in. The features are:

  1. Use the BCC Sending line instead of to (User will have option to specify which one he/she wants to use)
  2. Add signature to your email

If implemented, the first version will only work for Gmail, and subsequent updates to the extension will add support to the other clients.

Vote in this poll and/or leave a comment or shoot me an email.

Categories: Project Updates has a new home!

After 3 hours of intense reading, contacting tech support, and fiddling with domain names, I have accomplished the following:

  1. is now hosted and points to
  2. All the old URLs tot he projects will point to their respective analogs.
  3. Feedburner’s RSS feed now points to the RSS feed
  4. My support email,, is now active (via Google Apps)
  5. The website is back up and running at 100%

So why did I do this? Bluehost was charging me $100 or so per year to host my site. They offer a  load of great features (and having fantastic up time) but all I was doing was hosting a blog. Since my hosting was about to expire, I figured I’d look for a cheaper solution. For $18/year I get to keep my domain name ($10/yr via GoDaddy registrar) and I get to redirect it to ($10/yr). This is much cheaper than paying for $100/year hosting + $10/year domain name.

The greatest part about doing this was that my domain name was automatically renewed for a year (for free) when I transferred to GoDaddy from Bluehost. No more payments ’till 2010 🙂

So, all I need to do is make $20 in donations for the site to pay for itself – *cough* haha

Alright, it’s 3am – I take it I’m not going to be able to do Quantum Mechanics Homework tonight. Sigh…

Have a good night! Moving to WordPress (Official Decision!)

February 25, 2009 1 comment

Hi everyone,

I’ve decided to move from to For those of you who are subscribed to my RSS via Feedburner, you won’t have to do anything – I’ll take care of that on my end. Here’s what to expect in the next week:

1) My email might be down while the domain transfers so please email me at until further notice

2) The website may be down while the Nameservers are mapped from to

3) All blog posts after this one will come from Once the domain transfers, the website updates will come from (which will be

4) The theme will be different, so don’t freak out if it doesn’t look the same – this is one of the stipulations of using as my host – can’t really use my current theme.

Alright, Stay tuned for more information!

Lazyrussian on Tumblr – It could happen…

My hosting on Bluehost is about to expire (c. March 2009). Instead of renewing the hosting, I think I might set up shop on and have my domain name ( forward to my tumblr blog ( I already registered that tumblr url, but I have yet to customize it since I haven’t made a decision yet.

Here’s my reasoning for doing this. All of my projects are hosted on Mozilla’s servers, so I don’t need the space. I get around 5000 hits/month which is barely 1% of the allotted bandwidth I am given. Aside from running wordpress and storing a few large files, I don’t use anything that I pay for. I figure I’ll just save myself the $100/year it costs to stay on bluehost, get a free blog on Tumblr, and continue hosting my projects on Mozilla, but shoot updates via tumblr as I have been doing in the past.

Also, another reason I am doing this is that I plan on getting back into photography and purchasing a flickr membership to host my photos (once I do). Since there’s no way to get any decent publicity on my personal site, I figure I’d give up my hosting and spend 75% less hosting my files on flickr, since my files will mostly be photos.

Write now I’m thinking of doing Flickr+Tumblr+DeviantArt, but it could just as well be PicasaWeb+Blogspot+Deviantart.

I haven’t made a decision yet. Any and all ideas/comments/suggestions are appreciated!

Have an issue with any of my extensions? Contact me!

February 15, 2009 2 comments


Just wanted to remind everyone that if you’re having an issue with any of my Firefox extensions (or a feature request), I am available for support through many different avenues.

A) You can email me by filling out this form
B) Send me a tweet on Twitter
C) Leave a comment using Google Friend Connect (at the bottom of every page on
D) Leaving a comment on a related blog post
E) Leaving me feedback on the Mozilla download pages (I’ve recently been given the ability to respond), but I prefer you contact me via any of the other avenues mentioned before leaving a review on mozilla.

Have a great day!