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Lazyrussian on Tumblr – It could happen…

My hosting on Bluehost is about to expire (c. March 2009). Instead of renewing the hosting, I think I might set up shop on Tumblr.com and have my domain name (lazyrussian.com) forward to my tumblr blog (lazyrussian.tumblr.com). I already registered that tumblr url, but I have yet to customize it since I haven’t made a decision yet.

Here’s my reasoning for doing this. All of my projects are hosted on Mozilla’s servers, so I don’t need the space. I get around 5000 hits/month which is barely 1% of the allotted bandwidth I am given. Aside from running wordpress and storing a few large files, I don’t use anything that I pay for. I figure I’ll just save myself the $100/year it costs to stay on bluehost, get a free blog on Tumblr, and continue hosting my projects on Mozilla, but shoot updates via tumblr as I have been doing in the past.

Also, another reason I am doing this is that I plan on getting back into photography and purchasing a flickr membership to host my photos (once I do). Since there’s no way to get any decent publicity on my personal site, I figure I’d give up my hosting and spend 75% less hosting my files on flickr, since my files will mostly be photos.

Write now I’m thinking of doing Flickr+Tumblr+DeviantArt, but it could just as well be PicasaWeb+Blogspot+Deviantart.

I haven’t made a decision yet. Any and all ideas/comments/suggestions are appreciated!

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