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Lazyrussian.com has a new home!

After 3 hours of intense reading, contacting tech support, and fiddling with domain names, I have accomplished the following:

  1. Lazyrussian.com is now hosted and points to lazyrussian.wordpress.com
  2. All the old URLs tot he projects will point to their respective lazyrussian.wordpress.com analogs.
  3. Feedburner’s RSS feed now points to the lazyrussian.wordpress.com RSS feed
  4. My support email, arthur@lazyrussian.com, is now active (via Google Apps)
  5. The website is back up and running at 100%

So why did I do this? Bluehost was charging me $100 or so per year to host my site. They offer a  load of great features (and having fantastic up time) but all I was doing was hosting a blog. Since my hosting was about to expire, I figured I’d look for a cheaper solution. For $18/year I get to keep my domain name ($10/yr via GoDaddy registrar) and I get to redirect it to WordPress.com ($10/yr). This is much cheaper than paying for $100/year hosting + $10/year domain name.

The greatest part about doing this was that my domain name was automatically renewed for a year (for free) when I transferred to GoDaddy from Bluehost. No more payments ’till 2010 🙂

So, all I need to do is make $20 in donations for the site to pay for itself – *cough* haha

Alright, it’s 3am – I take it I’m not going to be able to do Quantum Mechanics Homework tonight. Sigh…

Have a good night!

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