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Back from a month long hiatus! – Lots of updates!

Heya everyone!

Somehow my 2 week absence turned into 4 weeks, ah well. That’s life! I have A LOT to say, so bare with me:

First off, FacePAD was featured on Lifehacker, the super-awesome tech site that reviews software that eases people’s lives. Click here to see their review!

Second, FacePAD will be published in the Europe’s largest (general public) PC magazine, ComputerBILD. I’m not sure which issue, but I assume it’ll be sometime this summer. The issue will come with a review of my program as well as a CD with the program installed.

Third, I’m in Glasgow, Scotland this summer for nuclear physics research. Like last summer, I’ll spend most of my time doing the research and/or relaxing, and when/if ever I get the urge, I’ll work on the extensions. I actually have the urge right now, and luckily, I’ve had fruitful results. The next post I make (tonight) will be about the forthcoming update to Email This! I’ll also be updating the other two extensions in the coming weeks and I’ll probably add an FAQ section to FacePAD since I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking the same questions!

Keep on emailing or twittering me with your questions/comments/suggestions!

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