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Back in the USA!

I’m back in the states and I’ll be working on FacePAD 0.6 starting tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll have a release ready by Tuesday!

Peace out!

FacePAD Tutorial Video, v0.6, & Beyond

It seems that I love to go on posting spurs. I’m silent for a month, and then I have 3-4 posts in less than a week. I guess when it rains, it pours!

So, what’s next for FacePAD?

New FacePAD Tutorial Video
I’ll be making a new tutorial video either tonight or this weekend. I’m doing this since there’s a new language feature in place. This will show the user how the new version of FacePAD will work, and will answer a lot of the questions I seem to be getting lately.

FacePAD v0.6
The next version of FacePAD will have only one pop-up, that states when the FacePAD has initialized the downloading process or when it has completed it (not sure yet). It will also have support for the following languages:
For a Fact: Support for Italian, French, Dutch, Greek and Portuguese
Possibly: Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Dansk.
Support for the other major languages will come in version 0.6.1 and 0.6.2, assuming that no other problems arise. My goal is to get all of this out before Labor Day.

Beyond FacePAD v0.6
The most requested feature is the custom-download directory. I started working on this feature two or three weeks ago, but had to put it aside for various reasons. At the moment I’m working on it, and so is the co-creator of v0.5.4, Diana. Hopefully, one of us will get it soon – but I can’t make nay promises, since working on this is neither of first priorities.

If you like FacePAD, consider donating a few $, £, or € by clicking on the Donate button the right!

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FacePAD v0.5.9 Released + New Logo

FacePAD v0.5.9 is officially released and available to download at Mozilla ( FacePAD v0.5.9 is the segue release to v0.6, which will boast support for most, if not all languages
supported by FacePAD.

Here’s what’s new in v0.5.9:

Preferences/Options are now available for FacePAD. You will need to specify your default Facebook language in this version before you begin using the extension.
Spanish and German are now supported.

Also, I’ve made a new logo for FacePAD – nice and simple.

Another update coming later tonight!

German and Spanish Support Coming to FacePAD

Contrary to my previous post, FacePAD v0.5.9 will support Facebook profiles that have English, German, and Spanish set as their default language. This means that German and Spanish users who in the past have had trouble downloading more than 20 photos/1 page of photos, will now be able to download all the photos in an album. Support for other languages will be coming soon in subsequent versions of the extension.

Why German and Spanish?
German, because FacePAD was published in Germany’s largest Print Computer Magazine, ComputerBILD (June 22, 2009 Edition).
Spanish, because I get the most referrals and hits on this site from Spanish speaking countries.

v0.5.9 is available to download from Mozilla’s sandbox – you’ll need a free Mozilla account to download the sandbox version. I’m waiting for the Mozilla team to approve of my extension for public download.
Download the sandbox version here:

I’ll make another post once the Mozilla has approved the extension for public use:

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Language Localization coming to FacePAD

Hi all,

It’s been a busy summer for me – I’ve spent the first half of it traveling and working in western Europe. I’ll be heading back to the states in a little under the week, where I’ll finally be able to sit down and relax for a few weeks, before going back to work, and then inevitably, school.

Anyway, I’ve been working on implementing multiple language support to FacePAD. Currently, there’s an issue that only non-English speaking FacePAD users experience – I’ve known about it for a few months and last night I started working on fixing the problem. I’ve run into a little snag, and I’m currently awaiting some help/guidance on the Mozilla Zine Forums. Here is the expected release information once get this problem fixed:

Version 0.5.9: Support for Russian and German.
Version 0.6.0: Support for Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Hebrew, Arabic, and Latvian
Version 0.6.1 and beyond: Support for other Languages

Two weeks ago I also started working on adding Custom-Download support – I made some headway, but I wasn’t able to create a fully functional version. I’ll keep at it after I get the language support up and running.

That’s all for now! Have a great day!