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FacePAD Tutorial Video, v0.6, & Beyond

It seems that I love to go on posting spurs. I’m silent for a month, and then I have 3-4 posts in less than a week. I guess when it rains, it pours!

So, what’s next for FacePAD?

New FacePAD Tutorial Video
I’ll be making a new tutorial video either tonight or this weekend. I’m doing this since there’s a new language feature in place. This will show the user how the new version of FacePAD will work, and will answer a lot of the questions I seem to be getting lately.

FacePAD v0.6
The next version of FacePAD will have only one pop-up, that states when the FacePAD has initialized the downloading process or when it has completed it (not sure yet). It will also have support for the following languages:
For a Fact: Support for Italian, French, Dutch, Greek and Portuguese
Possibly: Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Dansk.
Support for the other major languages will come in version 0.6.1 and 0.6.2, assuming that no other problems arise. My goal is to get all of this out before Labor Day.

Beyond FacePAD v0.6
The most requested feature is the custom-download directory. I started working on this feature two or three weeks ago, but had to put it aside for various reasons. At the moment I’m working on it, and so is the co-creator of v0.5.4, Diana. Hopefully, one of us will get it soon – but I can’t make nay promises, since working on this is neither of first priorities.

If you like FacePAD, consider donating a few $, £, or € by clicking on the Donate button the right!

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