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Official member of the Sandbox Network


I was invited to become a member of Sandbox, a highly selective organization of innovators under the age of 30. The organization allows like-minded people to discover one another to share ideas and form business relationships. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has downloaded my extensions, rated them, and made them viral. Without you, I would have never gotten the invitation!

Here’s some more info about Sandbox, taken from their facebook page:

Sandbox is a global community of outstanding young achievers and innovators. Our ultimate goal is to have positive impact in this world by identifying, bringing together and empowering the most inspiring young people under 30. We support our members with different tools that allow them to create bigger change, have more influence and grow faster in whatever they want to achieve. At the moment the tools in the Sandbox include a global online platform, a growing network of ambassadors, regular events in hubs across the world, access to senior supporters, offering of special opportunities, and a young team worldwide that spends days and nights to personally connect our members with each other.

At Sandbox we value achievements over grades, and passion over career. Sandboxers love what they do and already in their twenties run their own businesses, drive forward their organizations, take over leadership roles, do political work, write books or build social enterprises. Sandbox is not about business but about positive impact, inspiration and challenges.

Sandbox is not a social network but a global community where hand-selected people come together to exchange ideas, build meaningful relationships and drive their next big idea forward.

Sandbox is professionally managed by a young and diverse team based in London, New York and Singapore and Zurich.

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