Dianne A. (for FacePAD) writes:

“I was ecstatic when a relative directed me to Facepad! I will truly be forever grateful to the developer Arthur Sabintsev, the “lazyrussian” who, I might add, would accept no money from me and instead, asked that I make a contribution to the memorial foundation that has been established in my daughter’s memory.

We were devastated on July 17th [2009] when tragedy struck our family and my 21 year old daughter, Casey Feldman was killed when crossing the street on her way to a summer waitressing job at the Jersey shore. My main focus shortly thereafter has been attempting to archive everything related to her life in one location – CaseyFeldmanMemories.org. Casey’s Facebook contains over 3,000 photos (not including over 1200 wall photos) and I could not imagine the task of copying each of those photos, one by one to place them in the photo gallery on our memories website. Even with the volunteer effort of her many friends, the task would be overwhelming. Time consuming would be an UNDERSTATEMENT. I also felt a time pressure to have all of Casey’s albums backed up in short order because of my distrust of the Facebook developers who unilaterally removed much of my daughter’s public information upon her death, such as her profile, surveys, etc. They have yet to provide this information to us, despite being in touch with their legal department and providing them with documentation that we are the legal administrators of her estate. I continued to feel time pressured not knowing if any day they would unilaterally decide to remove primarily what was left of her site – the photo albums.

I installed Facepad quickly and easily within a matter of minutes. Thereafter, I began downloading Casey’s albums, each of which copied within a matter of a few minutes each. Within less than a week, around working and doing other things, I had downloaded all 67 albums with over 3,000 photos!

Thank you again Arthur, from the bottom of my heart. You deserve to be recognized not only for this outstanding application, but also for your compassion and generosity as well. You showed such kindness to me, a complete stranger and added one more big “positive” in this path of grieving the death of my daughter.”